Lollapalooza Preview

T-minus 1 day!

Despite going to school in Chicago for the past four years (well, three since last year was spent across the world), I've never spent a summer in the city until now. Which also means I have never been to Lollapalooza.

Stupid, stupid me.

When I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers were headlining this year, I jumped all over that and got my Early Bird passes immediately.

Here's a look at the other acts I'm dying to see this weekend...


The Nero Essential Mix was stuck on repeat pretty much my entire stay in England, where I was first introduced to this dynamic duo from North West London. I had a blast thrashing out at Fabric to their drum'n'bass and dub-step-infused grime symphonies and can't wait to go at it again for a flashback to my time spent across the pond.


My love affair with Miss Santi White has been going on since I first heard Santogold several years ago and with Master of My Make-Believe released earlier this year, I have to say she has done it again. Semi-depressed she's playing the same time as RHCP. I think I might be sprinting back and forth between stages...
 Florence + The Machine.
Sing me some Ceremonials you beautiful, angelic woman.

The Weeknd.

Sex. Drugs. An amazing remix with Florence. What more could you want? I'm hoping they'll do a live collaboration of the Shake It Out Remix for us...

Doctor P.

Another staple introduced to me in London--seriously, people in that city know good music. His mixes with Flux Pavilion and Example first caught my ear and opened up the gateway to a ton of his tracks.


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