The Picture of Dorian Gray

Yesterday I became a mommy...

...to this handsome little man! All fresh and new to the world at just 9 weeks old. 

As a birthday present, Will took me to PAWS Chicago to adopt a kitten to call my very own. I've never had a pet in the city and I knew he would be the perfect addition to really make this place feel like home.

Upon walking into the kitten room, I knew this guy (originally named Meow) was the one for me and I already can't get enough of cuddling and playing with my new favorite boy. He was a little shy on first arrival, but after one day, he's already darting around the house and exploring every nook and cranny like he owns the place. He's such a good boy and already knows to go in the litter box, leaving no trace of what he left behind. 

Meow definitely wasn't sticking with me--especially since I've only heard him let out one tiny meow since we brought him home--and I wanted to come up with a strong name that would fit his personality. I scrolled a list on the web of gray cat names and knew I'd hit the gold mine when Dorian Gray popped up. Not only is The Picture of Dorian Gray one of my favorite books by one of my favorite writers (Oscar Wilde), but Will and I have been reading it together off and on for the last few months so I knew he would be on board too. 

And thus, Dorian Gray he became. Also known as Dorian, D or Mister Gray for short, he is my ultimate bundle of joy and I'm looking forward to being a great mom to my little baby kitty!

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