Travel Top 5: New York Food

{The best tasting birthday present I've ever received...Crumbs Cupcakes}

Surprisingly I wasn't as camera happy with my food as I usually am while I was in New York, but I definitely still ate well! From New York style pizza to Mexican joints and cupcakes galore, I found myself mentally adding places to try on every block.

{Awesome artwork and delicious eats at John's of Bleecker Street}

One of the main things I love about New York food that's missing in Chicago is the abundance of street vendors selling everything from fresh fruit to Korean BBQ right there along the avenue. Sure, we have food trucks, but it's not the same as the food stands that stay in the same place all day long, luring you in for a quick pick-me-up treat on your walk home. 

{Chowing down on fresh fruit on the way to get coffee}

For my birthday dinner, we wanted to eat somewhere near the hotel so we wouldn't be clunking around the city in our swanky dresses and heels. Sea Thai won the bid for being my favorite type of food and its proximity to where we wanted to be. Best Pad Thai I've ever had! Although I was admittedly a little tipsy from birthday shots, so maybe I was just reallyyyy hungry...

 {Lovely ladies at Sea Thai}

And of course, my time in NYC wouldn't have been complete without a trip to Magnolia Bakery.

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