MayaWorks - Fair Trade Month

In honor of Fair Trade Month, I teamed up with Polly to support MayaWorks in modeling their beautifully unique handcrafted products and jewelry for their first-ever Lookbook.

Besides being instantly drawn to doing anything that involves playing dress-up and hanging out at the beach with a good friend, I immediately agreed to do this project when I learned more about MayaWorks and their mission to empower Maya women through their own art and crafts, providing them with the resources and training that they need to function as confident, contributing members of their society.

The hippie in me fell in love with MayaWorks' intricately-beaded bracelets and silky hand-woven scarves that could be worn as a boho bandeau while splashing around in the water or wrapped around for warmth as we head into colder months.

To ensure the sustainability of our Earth, we need to focus more on protecting our environment and investing in the well-being of people of all nations--we are all part of the same world after all. Fair trade promotes higher environmental and social standards in terms of business and trade, fostering relations with other countries and offering opportunities to the developing world. It's not about greed or how much money you can make--it's simply about FAIR TRADE. You get a great product in exchange for bettering the life of a fellow human being.

Check out the MayaWorks Facebook page and blog all month for updates on products and new shots from the lookbook, featuring yours truly all this week! See something you like? All proceeds benefit the Mayaworks' mission and the Cakchiquel and Tz'utujil Maya.

Photos by Polly Cannella

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  1. God, this makes me miss summer. You're a beaut amanda banana!