Dying to Go Destinations: San Francisco, California

With the wrap-up of my last Autumn Quarter ever, I've finally been able to focus a bit more on planning the epic road trip I started talking about a few months ago.

Starting in San Francisco, Daisy and I will make our way down the Pacific Coast Highway with stops all along the California coast. We'll also cut over to Temple City to see my lovely auntie and finish up our West Coast adventure with a few nights in Vegas!

In previous trips to CA, I've gotten as far north as Santa Barbara, but can't wait to actually experience everything North Cal has to offer! I've always wanted to go San Francisco, but the opportunity was never there when I've visited before.

Now that we're driving ourselves, we've got free reign to go everywhere and anywhere our little hearts desire.

From taking in the sea lions at sunrise to hanging with the hippies in Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco has Amanda Boleman written all over it and I can't wait to experience it all in real life in just 5 days!

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