Rock the Vote

My Fellow Americans (and all of you wonderful international readers!) - if you haven't noticed: TODAY IS ELECTION DAY! 

For this momentous occasion, I've transformed my favorite date night dress into the ultimate election day duds with a smart blazer, thick black tights and red and blue accessories to bring it all together. 

Rather than trying to push my political opinions in these last few voting hours, I am simply here to state that I hope each and every one of you exercised your right to vote for what you believe in today. 

Voting absentee from Illinois for my home-state of Minnesota, it was extremely important for me to VOTE NO to both the Marriage Amendment and Voter Restriction Amendment on this year's ballot. 

I am also incredibly proud to say that just as I was in 2008, I am in full support of President Barack Obama in the 2012 election. I hope Chicago will be celebrating tonight just the way we did all over the streets of downtown four years ago.

Note: In stating my political opinions, I am in no way saying that they should be yours or that they are right. They are simply what I believe in and I am not here to start any sort of argument!

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