DePaul Urban Garden

On Friday morning, Danielle and I joined the DePaul Urban Farming Organization (UFO) in breaking ground on the first urban farm on campus.
Packing some soil.
I first met my roommate Danielle in an Environmental Conservation course our sophomore year and it was an instant love affair--both with her as a friend and with the subject matter. 


Through living with Danielle and reporting on the food crisis in Chicago earlier this year, my eyes have really been opened to the importance of sustainability and what we can do to ensure a long life span for both people and the Earth. 

Unfortunately we didn't get to do any planting, but the UFO plans to grow a variety of fruits and veggies that they will donate to community food banks/pantries around the city. 


  1. William L. DeCourseyMay 6, 2012 at 11:46 PM

    Commendable!! Back in my day during the Great Depression and leading up to and through World War II, we called them "Victory Gardens". My dad (your 2nd great-grandfather) started one on about 5 acres of land behind our home along side of the NP RR swithcing yards. The RR people didn't object because it was in the public interest and the "patriotic thing to do. Dad was unemployed at the time, as was about 25% of the population and nearly all of our neighbors. (The economy uch worse than the current recession.) The garden was a God-send to our family and the entire neighborhood on Marshall Street. It enabled Dad to feed his family, share with the neighbors and sell the surplus in a roadside stand in our front yard just outide the Mpls city limits. In hard times it takes ingenuity, cooperation and community participation to survive and eventually prosper. The road to prosperity has to come from the bottom up, because it will never trickle down from the top down as some will have you believe. You can be proud for your contribution - W. L. DeCoursey

  2. What a great service and important thing to advocate. I can't wait to have my own garden some day (working on getting a yard first). Ha!

    Nice blog!

    FEST (food, style & travel)

  3. I'm totally for advocate work, especially when it's helping the environment. I mean godsake I work at Lush!

    Anyways, I'm so glad that you enjoy my blog & always encourage you to come up to me! I love meeting readers and I believe I remember you from the CS Brides event. Kendall is actually moving to New York with me next month for the summer! Can't wait.

    When I get back in Chicago let's grab some lunch or something?



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