Brighton Pier: Travel Photo of the Day

Brighton, England

Anywhere in the world is fun with Daisy Durling-Goode, but I was especially excited for a weekend away to the south of England where she goes to university. 

After a crazy night out complete with pirates, liter-sized bottles of cider and sleeping in my clothes (including my coat), we decided to be a little more civil and explore the city. Hanging out on the board walk was a blast and I even ended up winning that cute little pink seahorse (Shirley) at one of the sideshow games. 

Looking back at these photos makes me want to be in England this summer more than ever. Especially since Daisy told me the other day that this song reminded me of her and wants it to be our summer anthem.

Even if we're 4,000 miles apart, I'm sure we'll find a way to make these moments happen and share it in our own way. Gotta do what you gotta do for those that mean the most. xxxxxxxxx <--England style

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  1. Beautiful English girl?! Best friend!! We should be doing everything in that video this summer.... xxx