Chicago Pride Parade

The 43rd annual Chicago Pride Parade was held this Sunday with rainbow colors, positivity and glitter galore! 

How have I never been to this before?! As a first-timer to the parade, I had no idea what to expect. I could only hope for flamboyant gay men, free condoms and a day of fun in the sun, but it turned out to be everything I had anticipated and more.

Not only did I receive a ton of compliments on my tight, see-through maxi from Akira...

....but I saw a ton of bold & bright fashion that absolutely screamed PRIDE!

And of course, Candice and I made some new friends.

All the while, the parade was in full swing! Only during Pride can you booty pop on a cop, parade around half naked, dress up in total drag and crowd the streets, waving flags of every color while gogo dancers shower you with condoms and after-party invites from the rooftops! 

But the greatest part was what the whole event represented. Feelings of overwhelming pride (okay, yeah obviously), excitement and gratitude kept coming over me as I looked around and realized what an open and accepting city I live in and how far the Gay Rights Movement has come.

Over 850,000 people came out to show their support for the LGBT community on Sunday and I couldn't help myself but to have corny moments of hugs and congratulations for the steps towards equality that the parade, festival and whole pride month in Chicago has made. 

I can't WAIT for next year!

Photos by John Koeger
(minus Fashion section photos by moi!)  


  1. AHH do you know who they are?! and did you see their wedding? http://www.trbimg.com/img-4fd15deb/turbine/redeye-real-housewives-of-new-jersey-gay-weddi-001/600

    1. Alex! I totally didn't even realize that when I put the picture up! My friend John went out and took a bunch of pictures & kindly gave me some for the blog and I just loved this picture!! I totally have seen them though hahahaha that's awesome! Definitely saw them at the parade & had no idea!