FEST Follow-Up

The show goes on, indeed! And finally I MADE IT.

Chicago-native Lupe Fiasco rocked the Quad on Friday night while performing for DePaul University's annual FEST concert. 

Despite the typical bitchy sorority girls pushing everyone and acting entitled to be at the front, the show was a blast and our group staked out a pretty awesome spot on the right-hand side towards the front. 

We made it just in time to catch the tail-end of Portugal. The Man's set with their hit "Sleep Forever" off their latest album In the Mountain in the Cloud. 

The slow, psychedelic sounds weren't exactly what I was in the mood for at the time, but others in the crowd said they put on a good show. From the little I saw, I had to agree! 

And surprisingly the rock didn't stop there. 

With a full band and strong drum beats, Lupe's act felt more like a rock show than a rap/hip-hop concert in the best way possible. It was kind of like when Lil Wayne tried to go all rock on everyone with Rebirth, but Lupe actually pulled it off and had me thinking maybe it's time to be a Rockstar instead of a Superstar.

Lupe had us all in a fiasco playing hit songs from The Cool and the uber-political Lasers album, which included my favorites--"Daydreamin" and "Words I Never Said."

Hopefully my videos won't give you a headache! I was definitely trying to multi-task with dancing, getting pushed around and filming all at the same time, but there are still some great shots of Lupe and the rambunctious crowd rocking out around me.

After the sun went down, the real fun started and Lupe lived up to his album's namesake with a Laser light-show illuminating across the dark, night sky.

He ended strong with old-school hits like "Superstar" and "Kick, Push," saving the crowd favorite "The Show Goes On" for one last song to get us moving and rev us up for the post-FEST fun.

Check out the rest of my videos from Friday night on my YouTube channel.

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