Between strep throat, finals week, friends & family visiting and preparing for graduation, the past few weeks have been nothing short of a whirlwind.

I feel like it was yesterday that I was moving into my dorm, wondering what the next four years would hold and what kind of adventures the new college chapter of life would bring me.

Little did I know, it would bring me all of this...





Sunday was so surreal -- getting suited up in our blue gowns (matched my hair!) and graduation caps; seeing my friends and classmates walk across the stage to accept their diplomas after four years of hard work and even harder partying; shaking the president's hand as I accepted my own diploma with a huge smile and little victory dance for the cameras.

I cannot believe it's over! 
Well for the summer at least...

Despite feeling ready to take on the work force, I am looking forward to having an additional year at DePaul to complete my Masters.

Not only will this help me to get better jobs, but graduation also made me realize that I really have gotten an amazing education at DePaul and I have learned so much from the experienced professors employed at this university.

Right before I walked on stage, the head of the journalism department pumped me up with a special point,  applause and a wink and it reminded me that I have actually established myself in this city and at this school and I'm so excited to really focus in on what I love to do with the help of so many knowledgable, nurturing and enthusiastic people.

Congratulations DePaul Class of 2012! We did it! 

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