Babies & Bridal Showers

                                                                       {Ring Pops for all to be engaged for the day}

While I still find it weird to get excited over mixing bowls and feel uncomfortable standing in the baby aisle at the store, I was so glad I was able to make it back to Minnesota for Jennie's baby shower and Alison's bridal shower.

{Outstanding in orange with the beautiful bride to be in-between}

The weekend was full of catching up with the girls and reminiscing about the days when things were more simple than diapers and diamond rings. And indulging in delicious treats, of course...

 {Rock candy in wedding colors}
{Bacon-wrapped dates}
 {To-die-for cake pops}

Tears filled my eyes when it was time to say goodbye, especially when I realized that I probably won't make it home again until Alison's actual wedding on the 14th of September.

Time at home is always too short, but weekends like these remind me that no matter what huge events take place in our lives or how much time we spend apart, we will always be the girls who knew each other from the start & who love each other just as much now as we did back then. 

Photos by mother-of-the-bride Sara Fischer


  1. Ahh Amanda that made me tear up at the end! We are growing up so fast and so much is changing but it is so very true that it is always the exact same when we all get back together. LOVE YOU