Dying to Go Destinations: Morocco


It breaks my heart that I had already-purchased plane tickets to this sumptuous slice of North African paradise, but was unable to go when a bomb blew up in the tourist district of Marrakech a few weeks before we were scheduled to head out.

While it meant going to Istanbul instead (which I have absolutely NO complaints about!), I was disappointed because it would have marked 5 continents in one year (okay, not like 4 is anything to complain about either...) and it would have introduced me to a culture unlike anything I have experienced in my travels to date.

One day I hope to have the chance to actually go and explore this magical part of the Maghreb, preferably by camel-back! Sipping on mint tea and strolling through the souqs, I would treat this as an ultimate relaxation vacation with some must-see cultural stops along the way.

Particularly the blue city of Chefchaouen up in the Rif mountains. The blue-rinsed buildings look unreal in the photos I've seen and I can only imagine how serene I would feel walking along a gold-lined street with the various shades of my favorite color cooling down the hot afternoon sun.

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