Color Me...Seafoam Green

Color Me...Seafoam Green

Color Me...Seafoam Green by amanda-boleman

For Lollapalooza, I was on the hunt for a new nail polish color that would match the brightness and excitement I was feeling about the weekend. 

I came across Essie's Mojito Madness and knew it would look great on my hands, which would undoubtedly be raised above my head, flying around as I was rocking out to all my favorite artists. 

The color doesn't quite fit the original Crayola Seafoam Green, but the colors reminded me so much of each other and complement each other so well. Looking down at my greenish-tealish-seafoamy toes in the sand, I was instantly taken back to the greens, blues and turquoises of the Mediterranean Sea off the coasts of Italy and Greece. 

Snap back to my reality of soaking up the sun along Lake Michigan with the Chicago skyline looking down on me and the rest of North Ave. beach. Not half bad either. 

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