Travel Bug

And so it seems, I've been bit once again.

After staying relatively stationary, at least between Chicago and Minnesota, for most of this year, my itch to travel is coming back at full speed.

This weekend I have the pleasure of staying in St. Louis, Missouri and finally doing all of the activities Will and I try to squeeze in when I visit, but always get side-tracked from by the other festivities of the weekend.

Next, I'll be off on a weekend in Boston to stay with my favorite Bostonian and former DePaulian for a weekend that is sure to be fahkinn retaaahded.

NYC better watch what's coming to them as  I prepare for a week in the Big Apple after my short weekend stint in Beantown. IFB Conference, Fashion Week, and my 23rd birthday all in one... definitely worth skipping the first week of class.

A few months later, a certain, special English love of my life will be making the trip across the pond again for an epic road trip to the other coast -- me and Daisy Durling-Goode taking on the open road to sunny California just when the Midwest winter temperatures kick in and leave us running for the hills.

It's on USA travels.

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