Travel Top 5: Brooklyn, New York

With only one full day left in New York, I faced a very tough decision: go stalk people outside of Fashion Week or explore a city I have heard rave reviews about and haven't made it to yet?

The traveler in me won over the fashionista. If it came down to it, I would much rather find the beauty in new places than in new clothes. While still looking stylish, of course. ;)

I don't regret my decision for a second. At first I was a little sketched out when I got off at Hewes Street on the M subway, having mapped out no real plan as to what I was going to do when I got there, but after looking up the top places to eat, I quickly made my route towards An Nhau in West Williamsburg.

It was a gorgeous September day so I didn't mind the sound of a 20 minute walk at all. An outdoor garden patio + Vietnamese food? I'm there. 

Walking through the bar and restaurant to the quiet back patio, I felt like I was escaping into a different world. Tucked away on one of the cozy little sofa-bed type love-seats, I was surprised but happy to be the only person among the island decor, sipping a glass of Happy Hour-priced Pinot and basking in the sun. 

{Chicken Pho}

On my walk over, I saw a ton of vibrantly colored street art with Spanish influences and animals both real and mystical. 

Somehow my obsession to find pho lead me to the heart of exactly where I wanted to be in Brooklyn.

A lovely waitress at An Nhau pointed me in the direction of the Brooklyn Brewery and the well-known vintage shop Beacon's Closet so I made my way towards the river to see what it had in store.

There was a bit of time to spare before I had to catch my train to Long Island to vist Mackenzie so I decided to take the scenic route home via the East River Ferry.

Not before taking in the views of Manhattan from the other side and laying in the grass at East River Park though.

Waving goodbye to Brooklyn, until we meet again.

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