Bouncy Ball Statement Necklace

For Christmas this year, I gave my incredibly crafty little sister this awesome book by Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This.

We finally found some time over my Spring Break at home to try out one of the creative DIY projects in Domesek's book and while I am definitely not the arty sister in our duo, I actually found this necklace made from rubber bouncy balls and pantyhose to be very simple to make.

Materials Needed:
-Rubber bouncy balls

-Make sure to use VERY sheer pantyhose so the colors from the bouncy balls will show through more vibrantly
-Mix balls of varying colors and sizes or try different colored and textured tights for different looks


1. Cut off the legs of the pantyhose.

2. Knot one leg and drop the bouncy balls in one at time, tying a knot between each ball as you go.

3. Repeat the last step for the second leg and be sure to add more balls (I used a larger ball to be the anchoring, centerpiece of the necklace), as this will serve as the bottom strand. 

4. Attach the legs together by knotting them end-to-end. 

5. Get creative and make knots up the rest of the pantyhose or simply tie the legs together at the top to finish off your new bouncy ball statement necklace!

I wore my necklace to the Topshop & CS Magazine Spring Style Party last night and everyone thought it was such a creative idea. Thanks again for the inspiration P.S. I Made This! 

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  1. Your necklace looks great! And what terrific photographs. It was fun hearing from another blogger who tried it.