build a balance

In the days of kings and queens I was a jester. 
They treat me like a god, 
oh they treat me like a leper. 
See me move back and forth between both. 
I'm trying to find a balance.
I'm trying to build a balance.
-Atmosphere, Seven's Travels 

Welcome to build a balance! My name is Amanda Marie and I'm 22 years old -- you know, that scary age when you have to start figuring out what your "real life" is going to be all about.

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Carpe Diem was always my mantra. Seize the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future.

But the future is starting to come at me like a big sack of bricks and I’m thinking it’s about time I get a little more concerned--while still having a great time of course. 

This is where building a balance comes in.

In the midst of internships, senior year of college and heading into grad school, I wanted to create an outlet to balance my thoughts and ensure fun and creativity still has a space to thrive. 

Come along with me as I try to find my balance. Maybe along the way I can help to build yours too.

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  1. I'm 30 and still trying to jump-start my "real life :) Best of luck with your mission, and congrats on starting a blog!