Sightseeing in Salzburg: Travel Photo of the Day

Salzburg, Austria

Take me back to this day last year when Will and I were driving across Austria (nearly the entire country East to West!) on our way to Bavaria through a light drizzle and fog coated in the Austrian alps. 

Driving gave us the freedom to do things on our own terms and resulted in a spontaneous trip to Salzburg to grab a bite to eat and take in the beautiful baroque buildings and The Sound of Music-esque scenery of the capitol city. 

Well-known as the hometown of Mozart, Salzburg was busy with tourists weaving through the narrow streets, shopping for little trinkets and designer clothing.

Even with a slight mist and foggy skies, the Hohensalzburg Castle was still striking, sitting atop the city in the Festungsberg mountain.

We had just enough time to spare for a quick dinner and meander through the Dom zu Salzburg before we had to continue on our way to Munich, but I would absolutely love to spend more time in Salzburg in the future.

Or living somewhere in the picturesque, green countryside of Austria!

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