Chicago Apartment Hunting

As we get further into July, I find myself starting to wonder whether or not I'm going to be homeless come August 1st.

This is not because I have an expensive crack addiction that has drained me of all my money.
Nor is it because I haven't taken the time to look for a new place.
And it's ESPECIALLY not because I'm being nit-picky and refuse to live anywhere outside of the bubble that is Lincoln Park.

Rather, the dismal truth is that the renting market in Chicago (everywhere...) has fallen with the rest of the economy and rent prices have skyrocketed while vacancies are down. Horrible combination.

Apartments are literally being snatched up in mere hours after being listed and decent apartments now have good apartment prices attached...usually with no utilities included.

RedEye recently ran a story about this issue, offering suggestions for alternate neighborhoods to try out beyond the ever-popular Lincoln Park/Lakeview/Wicker Park areas, but even still my struggle continues.

I don't think what I'm asking for is too out there! A 2-bedroom apartment; max-rent: $1,700; no pets; non-smokers; near the El so we can get downtown to work/school.


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  1. Hi - just found your blog via IFB and I think it's super rad. I love your social media icons, did you design them yourself?

    P.S. -- Good luck with the apartment search! glad to hear you're not addicted to crack. that is an one expensive habit. :D

    xo - Angela