Shedd Aquarium + Jellies Exhibit

It's always fun when my family comes to visit because it gives me the excuse to do all the touristy things around the city that I wouldn't usually do. When my mom, grandpa, little brother and sister came down for graduation, we decided to take a trip to the Shedd Aquarium and check out the highly publicized Jellies exhibit.

We had such a blast walking through the aquarium and seeing underwater creatures from across the globe. My sister nicknamed these goofy looking guys "Snooki" fish for the poof on the top of their heads. 

I'm so glad we decided to add the Jellies exhibit to our entry; I completely understand why people have been raving about it for the past few months! We saw at least 15 different types of jelly fish (who knew there were so many!?) and were enthralled with watching them slink their way through the tanks. 

My absolute favorite were the blue blubber (otherwise known as cannonball) jellies with their short tentacles and glowing heads. They moved so differently than any of the long-tentacled species and I couldn't help but laugh at their short, staccato strides. 

After four years living in Chicago, I can't believe this was only my second time at the Shedd! Definitely a great place for family fun.

The Jellies exhibit has been extended to run at the Shedd Aquarium through 2013.

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