Quaint & Quiet in Queenstown: Travel Photo of the Day

Queenstown, New Zealand

When I look at this picture, I can hardly find the words to explain the impeccable beauty of this faraway island. Each and every day, Samantha, Allison and I would walk by this same little harbor and stare out in awe of the snow-capped mountains and still, clear water that looks like something straight out of a postcard.

Through the periwinkle hue of dusk and clouds settling over the water, you can just make out The Remarkables in the distance, covered in snow even in the middle of a New Zealand summer (aka November!).

 Never before had I seen a country with such a colorful landscape. The greens were so green; the blues so blue--it was like the whole town had the Saturation editing tool on high so all the colors would come through as vividly as possible. Or maybe the Kiwi's just actually know how to take care of the environment...

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