Wavefront Music Festival

So I didn't quite bare it all, but instead added high-waisted shorts for a little smaller sliver of skin that definitely gave me the extra boost of confidence to work it all out on the dance floor. 

Crazily enough, I recognized this girl from my fashion post on Spring Awakening and went up to ask if it was her in the hippie chic outfit on my camera. Small worlds collide (some may even call it serendipity!) & in fact, it was her AND she was sharing my style with a cropped-up tank and high-waisted denim cut-offs. 

Unfortunately, the fashion at Wavefront wasn't all that notable minus a few cuties sporting summer's hottest trends like those neon pink skinnies and the adorable bralet with a high-waisted skirt. Otherwise, it was just bikini tops and tutus as far as the eye could see.

Well and the hybird Lady Gaga-Princess Gwenevere-esque, space creature that could be found twirling around above the crowd here and there. 

And some sexy guys to turn up the heat in true Americana fashion.


All in all, I think the best part of the day was watching the sun set over the city with sand in my toes and dancing my life away with my loved ones around me.

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